To function efficiently through the day we all need a good night’s sleep, Antony Allinson understands that fully. He will create the perfect ambiance for a restful haven to contrast with the fast paced modern life we all live.

Antony understands that your bedroom is a personal and intimate space and that you will have your own unique preference for these surroundings which will make you feel safe, cosy and snug. He will therefore work with you to design furniture that suits your tastes and the aesthetics of your home, be it strikingly modern or elegantly traditional.

As bedrooms don’t come in standard sizes Antony will advise you on ways to best to maximize the space in relationship to the proportions and balance of the room. He has many years of experience listening to clients needs and understanding their visions. This best positions him to design stunning pieces of furniture that facilitate your requirements through good design.

Our handmade furniture includes fitted wardrobes, chests of drawers and shelving or even the centre piece of the room, the bed! Antony will work with you to design bespoke storage solutions however awkward the shapes and angles of the room to ensure a clutter free life with a place for everything.