If you are looking at commissioning a traditional kitchen from Antony Allinson furniture be assured that Antony will work with you to create exactly what you want. Even in a small room spacious storage can be achieved whilst larger rooms can become the true heart of the home.

Storage options are pretty identical between traditional and contemporary kitchens so the differences come in the details. Antony may advise you to style your furniture in sympathy with the period or style of the house whether it be a Victorian villa or a cosy country cottage. With traditional kitchens panelled doors together with columns would be recommended, often ornamented with flutes or reeded and preferably extended to the floor to make the cabinets look like free standing furniture. Other details often included are moulded cornices and over-mantles.

Elegant options for the traditional kitchen worktop would be granite, marble or wood. Choosing appropriate materials and textures are key to making your kitchen feel authentic, to this end we recommend a hand painted finish which offers a deeper texture generally found in surrounding woodwork of period homes. And to complete this look we like to add hand forged or ceramic hardware depending on what is most appropriate.

Ultimately there are no fixed rules so you may choose to mix the warmth and welcome of traditional design with the clean, simple lines of contemporary design to create your own transitional look.